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Wanna Find Out What Animal Am I Quiz

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In some belief we as a whole have soul creatures that portray how we are and ensure us as the day progressed. Out of the considerable number of creatures on the planet which one do you figure you would be founded on your identity? Take up this test and see what you get. Have a fabulous time!

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1. What is your hair color?

1392 Red
1393 Brown
1394 Black
1395 Other

2. Have you climbed on hill?

1396 Yes
1397 No way
1398 Of course
1399 Not remember

3. What is your favorite food?

1400 Veg sandwich
1401 Pizza
1402 Non veg
1403 Other

4. What will you do when some hits you?

1404 Ignore
1405 Kick
1406 Inform police
1407 Run

5. What is your age?

1408 10- 15
1409 20s
1410 30s
1411 Don’t want to reveal

6. What is your favorite hobby among the following?

1412 Writing/reading
1413 Playing sport
1414 Adventuring
1415 Cooking

7. Which movie character you like form the following?

1416 Hulk
1417 Wolverine
1418 Wonderwomen
1419 Vision

8. Which type of person are you?

1420 Fun loving
1421 Adventurous
1422 Moody
1423 Creative
Let’s start the quiz

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