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General Knowledge Quiz on Life of Mahatma Gandhi

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Mahatma Gandhi, also known as the Father of the Nation of India, Mahatma Gandhi is a model for the human race. He always wore the traditional Indian dress dhoti made of cotton. He was always a priest of truth and non-violence. And by this quiz, we can know interesting things about Mahatma Gandhi.

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1. What is the full name of Mahatma Gandhi?

74684 Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
74685 Mohandas Gandhi
74686 Karamchand Gandhi
74687 Mahatma Gandhi

2. When was born Mahatma Gandhi?

74692 02 October 1870
74693 2 October 1869
74694 2 October 1969
74695 1 October 1868

3. At which place was Mahatma Gandhi born?

74696 Delhi
74697 Mumbai
74698 Rajkot
74699 Porbandar

4. What is the father's name of Mahatma Gandhi?

74700 Mohandas
74701 Karamchand Gandhi
74702 Hira all
74703 None of these

5. What was Mahatma Gandhi's wife's name?

74704 Kasturba Gandhi
74705 Indira Gandhi
74706 Sunita Gandhi
74707 None of the above

6. How old was Gandhi when he went to London?

74708 20
74709 30
74710 25
74711 19

7. What is the famous name of Mahatma Gandhi?

74712 Chacha hi
74713 Bapu ji
74714 Mahatma ji
74715 None of these

8. What is the mother's name of Mahatma Gandhi?

74716 Putlibai Gandhi
74717 Kasturba Gandhi
74718 Sangita Gandhi
74719 None of the above

9. Mahatma Gandhi is famous for...

74720 Dishonest
74721 Honesty
74722 Truth, non-violent
74723 None of the above
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